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Mental Health

Together with Priveo Health doctors and health professionals, we can help reduce the consequences associated with mental health problems and improve your quality of life.

Our consultations will allow you access with our health professionals with no file opening fees.

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What are the reasons to consult a Mental Health specialist at Priveo Santé?

We understand that minor medical emergencies can happen at any time, without warning. That’s why we’ve set up a minor emergency service that allows you to easily book an appointment online. We’re here when you need it, with no case opening fees, to provide you with quality, accessible and convenient medical care.

Mental health is a serious concern for many people across Canada, but we strongly believe that there are solutions to improve this complex and often overlooked reality. The challenges of accessing mental health care are undeniable. Resources and services in this area are often insufficient, making seeking help particularly difficult for those with mental health problems.

We are determined to make a difference. We understand that each individual is unique, as are their mental health needs. That’s why we offer personalized support to help you overcome your mental wellness challenges.

Whether you are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental challenges, our mental health consultations are designed to be accessible and tailored to your specific situation.

Explore the mental health conditions we are able to treat

Mental Health (initial consultation)

Depressive Disorder
Depressive symptoms include deep sadness, loss of interest, fatigue, and negative thoughts
Anxiety disorder
Anxiety disorders can present symptoms such as nervousness, palpitations, excessive sweating, obsessive thoughts, panic attacks, social avoidance, and constant worry
Burnout results in extreme fatigue and a lack of interest in work
Sleep disorder
Sleep disorder, like insomnia, impairs sleep with difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
Family Problems
Conflict, family stress, or trauma can contribute to disorders such as depression and anxiety, but conflictual relationships can exacerbate mental health issues
Postpartum, is depression after childbirth and can include depression, anxiety, extreme fatigue, mood swings, sleep disturbances

Mental health (ongoing consultation)

Mental health medical follow-up may be necessary in certain circumstances, such as re-evaluating medication treatment


Meet your medical team

Our healthcare professionals take the time to build a complete picture of your health, find the root cause of your symptoms and create a care plan for long-term health.