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Business services

We believe in promoting optimal employee health, helping to boost productivity and vibrancy within your organization. Team up with Priveo Santé to build a healthy future for your team.

Reimbursement of expenses by your private insurance of up to 80% (depending on your coverage).

Quick results within 24 hours for most common scans.

Optimize the Health of Your Business: Discover the Benefits of Business Services

Priveo Santé understands the challenges that employee health can represent in your daily professional life. From the drop in productivity due to health absenteeism, to the growing need for work-life balance to retain and retain your employees, to the mobility of your staff, we are aware of the challenges you face.

That’s why Priveo Santé has developed tailor-made solutions for companies. Our service agreements are designed to provide your entire team, as well as their families if desired, with timely, quality access to care tailored to their specific needs. With our dedicated services, you can maximize the health and well-being of your staff, while optimizing the productivity and overall performance of your business.

Examples of Personalized Health Services for Businesses

Minor emergencies
Prevent your employee's absence by quickly offering them an appointment to resolve a minor medical issue.
Offer your teams our telemedicine services, available from 06:00 to 20:00.
By keeping your team members' vaccinations up to date, you are helping to preserve their health.
Travel Health
For your next business trips, we offer you personalized advice to avoid unforeseen events at your destination.
Work-related accident
In the event of an accident at work, offer our service to your employees for quick care.
Blood test
Whether it is for general or specific samples, our nurse will come to your office from 5:00 a.m.
Health check
A check-up helps prevent certain medical conditions and optimize long-term effectiveness.

Priveo Santé is preparing your business to face the 2023-2024 flu season with the quadrivalent vaccine.

Our influenza vaccination solutions, backed by evidence, can reduce the risk of an outbreak by 50% to 70%.

A person with the flu will take about 3 days off work. For an employer, this translates into a cumulative loss of 20 days of work for every 100 full-time employees. Not to mention the risk of contaminating loved ones who are more vulnerable to complications, such as young children and the elderly.

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Online appointment booking

Simplify the organization by allowing patients to book their vaccination slot in just a few clicks.

Nursing staff available from 5:00 AM

Take advantage of trained healthcare professionals to administer vaccines safely.

Quadrivalent vaccines

Provide increased protection with vaccines covering four flu strains, boosting your staff's immunity.

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Priveo Santé offers you professional health services designed for companies, accessible in just a few clicks. Fill out this form to learn more.